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Advanced Surveying R. Agor In stock 210.00
Advanced Theory of Structures and Matrix Method Vazirani and Ratwani In stock 185.00
Analysis of Structures Vol. I Vazirani and Raatwani In stock 305.00
Analysis of Structures Vol. II Vazirani and Ratwani In stock 320.00
Building Construction J. Jha and Sinha In stock 200.00
Civil Engineer's Practical Handbook C.S.D. Singhal In stock 575.00
Civil Engineering Drawing B.P. Verma In stock 100.00
Civil Engineering Estimating, Costing & Valuation Vazirani & Chandola In stock 350.00
Civil Engineering Materials S.V. Deodhar In stock 185.00
Civil Engineering through Objective Type Questions for Competitions (including interviews) S.K. Duggal In stock 275.00
Concrete Technology Vazirani and Chandola In stock 190.00
Construction and Foundation Engineering J. Jha and S.K. Sinha Out Of Stock 220.00
Construction Engineering and Management (of Projects) S.C. Sharma In stock 275.00
Construction Equipment and its Management S.C. Sharma In stock 275.00
Construction Equipment and Job Planning S.V. Deodhar In stock 180.00
Construction Management and Accounts Vazirani and Chandola In stock 180.00
Design Aids for Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete Members U.H. Varyani & Radhaji Out Of Stock 180.00
Design and Analysis of Steel Structures (Including Timber & Plastic) V.N. Vazirani & M.M. Ratwani In stock 310.00
Design of Concrete Bridges Vazirani, Ratwani and Aswani In stock 210.00
Engineering Materials J. Jha In stock 80.00
Engineering Mechanics (Dynamics & Statics) Dr. Sadhu Singh In stock 260.00
Experiments in Fluid Mechanics Dr. B. Kapoor In stock 85.00
Fundamentals of PERT/CPM & Project Management S.K. Bhattacharjee In stock 150.00
Geology Physical and Engineering S.K. Garg In stock 285.00
Handbook of Civil Engineering Vazirani and Chandola In stock 600.00
Handbook of Designing & Installation of Service in High Rise Building Complexes V.K Jain In stock 275.00
International & Intersate River Water Disputes & Interlinking of Rivers S.K. Garg In stock 300.00
Interview in Civil Engineering Manoj Kumar In stock 175.00
Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulic Structures S.K. Garg In stock 430.00
Limit State Design H. Mehra & V.N. Vazirani In stock 215.00
Mechanics of Solids Dr. J.P. Singh In stock 180.00
Objective Type Questions and Answers in Civil Engineering R. Agor In stock 500.00
Problems on Soil Mechanics B.P. Verma In stock 165.00
Quantity Survey-Principles and Applications (Including Computerised Estimation, Costing, Specification, Valuation & Construction Management) P.K. Guha & N.K. Shah In stock 205.00
Railway, Bridges and Tunnels Vazirani and Chandola In stock 100.00
Road Techniques P.B. Shahani In stock 110.00
Rock Mechanics B.P. Verma In stock 125.00
Services in Building Complex and High Rise Building V.K. Jain In stock 275.00
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering S.K. Garg In stock 385.00
Soil Testing S. Mithal & J.P. Shukla In stock 200.00
Surveying G. Singh In stock 200.00
Surveying and Levelling R. Agor In stock 315.00
Sustainable Urban Transport A.K. Jain In stock 275.00
Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning L.R. Kadyali In stock 275.00
Transportation Engineering Vol. I Vazirani and Chandola In stock 250.00
Transportation Engineering Vol. II Vazirani and Chandola In stock 185.00
Water Supply Engineering S.K. Garg In stock 325.00
Water Supply, Waste Disposal and Environmental Pollution Engg. (including Odour, Noise and Air Pollution and its Control) A.K. Chaterjee In stock 360.00