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Item Name of Book Name of Author Category Price Availablity
Construction Equipment and its Management S.C. Sharma CIVIL ENGINEERING 345.00 In Stock
Construction Equipment and Job Planning S.V. Deodhar CIVIL ENGINEERING 200.00 In Stock
Construction Management and Accounts V.N. Vazirani and S.P. Chandola CIVIL ENGINEERING 180.00 In Stock
Construction Management of Industrial Projects S.K. Bhattacharjee CIVIL ENGINEERING 150.00 In Stock
Consumer Electronics M.L. Anand ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 185.00 In Stock
Control System Analysis and Design K.K. Aggarwal ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 195.00 In Stock
Control System Design B.S. Manke ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 160.00 In Stock
Control System Theory Sushil Das Gupta ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 185.00 In Stock
Conventional & Objective Type Question & Answers on Mechanical Engineering for Competitions R.K. Jain MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 699.00 In Stock
Conventional & Objective Type Questions & Answers in Electrical Engineering P.L. Kapur ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 265.00 In Stock