• E_Book Automobile Engineering

E_Book Automobile Engineering

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Publication Year 1995
ISBN-13 9789387394254
ASIN 9387394255
Language English
Edition 5th
Pages 1183
Preface Para1 The main purpose of the book is to provide the beginners in the automotive field with a thorough knowledge of the construction and operating principles of the modern automobiles. In addition to detailing and stressing on the fundamentals of automobile theory, the book provides to the students and the automobile engineering persons with the necessary background for intelligent diagnosis, maintenance and repairs of different types of modern automobiles. The book also provides up-to-date methods of maintenance and repair as well as text to serve the needs of the students and helps to upgrade the skills of those already employed in automobile field for understanding, maintaining and repairing of modern automobiles. The objective of writing this book has been to present the various aspects of Automobile Engineering in a simple language, a most graspable and lucid manner. To aid in visualization, clear, simple illustrations have been provided wherever necessary. To keep it within the easy reach of the engineering students, Technocrats and working engineers. All the topics have been explained with practical examples wherever necessary. To appraise the students about the expected types of questions which can be asked in the examination important review questions have been provided at the end of each chapter.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Automobile- An Introduction *Chassis and frames * Front axle *Suspension systems and springs * The clutch *Transmission System * Gear and gear boxes * Propeller shafts * Differential * Final Drive and Rear Axle * Steering and steering geometry * Brakes and Braking System * Accessories and controls * Wheels and Tyres * Motor Vehicles body and its Construction * Automobile Air-Conditioning * Automobile engines and their Classification * Constructional Details of Automobile Engines * Engine Servicing * Engine Tune-up * Performance of Automobile Engine * Lubrication and Lubricating Systems * Cooling System * Automotive Fuel and their Types * Fuel Systems in Spark Ignition Engines * Fuel Supply Systems in Compression Ignition Engines * Two Wheeler Automobiles * Automobile Electrical Systems * Garages and Service Stations * Servicing of Motor Vehicles * Inspection and Testing of Motor Vehicles * Motor Vehicle Trouble Shooting for Causes and Remedies * Garages and Fleet Management * Miscellaneous Topics * Safety Measures in Automobiles * Important Features of Indian Automobiles (Four Wheelers) * Over Hauling of Automobiles * Automotive Material * Appendics