• Objective Type Questions & Answers in Civil Engineering For Competitions & Interviews

Objective Type Questions & Answers in Civil Engineering For Competitions & Interviews

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Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-251-9
ASIN 81-7409-251-X
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 900
Preface Para1 The book has been revised completely in accordance with the valuable suggestions received from the students as well as from the aspirants of the competitive examinations. The text has been presented in four sections. Section I contains objective type questions and answers. The questions have been arranged chapter-wise and in sequence : data type, then formula type followed by statement type, matching type and then reason and assertion type. This arrangement will help the students to develop interest, understanding and confidence in the subject. Two test papers have been placed at the end of objective type questions, followed with IES 2011 Papers I and II with solutions. In Section II of the book the various important formulae have been listed subject-wise and chapter-wise. Though it is not possible to list all the formulae used in the Civil Engineering; but an attempt has been made to list the most important ones which may be used by the students for solving the objective-type questions. Some conceptual question along-with answers have been presented in Section III. This will help the students who have been called for interviews. This will also help the under-graduate students to face the viva voce examinations for their home examinations. Section IV contains some sample interviews of the selected candidates through IES and IAS examinations. These have been reproduced directly as given by the candidates themselves without any modifications except with small editorial corrections. Although every effort is exercised to make it make it error free; errors are inevitable. I look forward for the constructive comments, suggestions for improvement and corrections if any.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents PART A SECTION-I MULTI-CHOICE QUESTIONS *Building materials *Concrete Technology *Building construction, construction: planning, management and equipment *Strength of materials *Theory of structures *Mechanics *Reinforced cement concrete *Steel structures *Masonry structures *Timber structures *Survey *Soil mechanics and foundation engineering *Water resources *Water supply *Sewage and solid waste *Air and noise pollutions *Railway engineering *Airport, docks and harbours *Tunnel engineering Section-II *Important formulae, Terms in Civil Engineering Section-III *Building materials *Building construction *CPM & PERT *RCC and prestress *Steel structures *Survey *Geotechnical engineering *Fluid mechanics *Irrigation engineering *Water supply and sewage *Transportation engineering Section-IV *Interviews comprehensive goal *Introduction *Interview format *Types of questions *Pieces of advice *Sample interviews of candidates