• Power Plant Engineering

Power Plant Engineering

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Publication Year 1995
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-309-7
ASIN 81-7409-309-5
Language English
Edition 16th
Pages 884
Preface Para1 This book is quite suitable for degree and diploma engineering students of all the Technical Universities across India. The book has been revised and brought up-to-date to suit the requirements of the students. More problems have been solved on steam power plant and hydro-power plant. The overall objective is to present the subject matter in more simple language. Objective type problems have been added to make the subject matter more clear.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * Sources of Energy * Steam Cycles * Introduction to Thermal Power Plants * Fuel Combustion and Burning of Fuels * Fuel, Ash and Dust Handling * Boiler Plants * Steam Turbines, Condesers and Cooling Towers * Gas Turbine Power plants * Diesel Engine Power Plant * Nuclear Power Plants * Hydrology * Hydro-electric Power Plants * Components of Hydro-electric Plants * Hydraulic Turbines (Prime-movers) * Instruments and Control of Power Station * Energy Storage Systems * Energy Conservation and Management * Economics of Power Plants * Safety and Environmental Aspects * Non-conventional Sources of Energy * Objective Type Questions