• Statistical Quality Control & Quality Management

Statistical Quality Control & Quality Management

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Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-111-6
ASIN 81-7409-111-4
Language English
Edition 10th
Pages 933
Preface This is a textbook-cum-working manual on Statistical Quality Control and Quality Management. These two subjects are distinct from each other yet closely related as SQC techniques are central to Quality Management. Hence the book is divided into two parts: PART – 1: STATISTICAL QUALITY CONTROL, PART - 2: QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Part-1 primarily deals with Shewhart Control Charts (often called the Statistical Process Control (i.e., SPC) and various types of Scientific Acceptance Sampling(SAS). Part-2 deals with various types of Quality Management techniques in which SQC (i.e., SPC and SAS) play a significant role. A distinct and bonus feature of the present edition of this book is that the completion of text portion in each chapter, a large number of questions – objective, optional one line answer, short answer and responsive questions of the fundamental and practical nature have been answered under the head Solved Questions. However, this edition partly follows the general pattern of nine earlier editions. The Author wishes to acknowledge with thanks his gratitude to the number of users both from academic and industrial world, for offering valuable comments and suggestions, most of which have been incorporated in the present edition.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents English PART-I : STATISTICAL QUALITY CONTROL * Introduction and Overview * Some Statistical Concepts * Control Charts for Variables * Some Fundamentals of Theory of Probability * Control Charts for Fraction Rejected * Control Charts for Non-conformities * Rational Subgrouping, Process Capability and Statistical Tolerances * Some Special Process Control Procedures * Some Fundamental Concepts in Scientific Sampling * Dodge-Roming : LTPD & AOQL & ABC or MIL-STD-105 E : AQL Sampling Plans and Tables * Designs of Sampling Plans and Special Sampling Plans * Acceptance Sampling Plans form Continuous Production * Acceptance Sampling by Variables * Reliability and Life Testing. PART-II: QUALITY MANAGEMENT * Modern Quality Management and Improvement * Quality Costs * Quality Gurus-Quality Ideas and Attitudinal Change * Quality Management Tools and Techniques * Statistical Quality Control * ISO 9000 Standards * Total Quality Management (TQM) * Six-Sigma * Statistical Tables