• Automobile Technology
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Publication Year 2002
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-178-5
ISBN-10 81-7409-178-5
Language English
Edition First
Number of Pages 1592
Preface This book Automobile Technology presents a detailed treatment of modern automobile technology, including recent developments. This book is designed to cover the requirements for a complete course for undergraduate engineering students and also for the students pursuing diploma and degree in Automobile Engineering. However, in several places of the book's contents extend beyond syllabus requirements in order to provide better foundation for subsequent studies. Recent trends in automobile technologies, including alternate-fuelled vehicles, alternate power plants for vehicles etc. are covered in sufficient details. A large number of review questions and solved numerical examples have been provided at appropriate places in the text. These examples have been taken mostly from the various examination papers. The mathematical treatment in the book is in SI units. It is assumed that the reader of this book has the knowledge of elementary applied mechanics and thermodynamics. However, sufficient introductory material for electrical and electronics has been included to help understand the functioning of electrical and electronic systems used in automobiles.
Table of Contents * Introduction to Automobile * Power Unit * Engine Construction * Engine Performance * Rotary Engines * Prime Movers for Future * Homogeneous-charge and Stratified-charge Spark-ignition Engines * Fuel and Combustion * SI Engine Fuel System * CI Engine Fuel System * Lubricating System * Cooling System * Electrical and Electronic Principles and Batteries * Charging Systems * Starting Systems * Ignition System * Engine Emission Control * Engine Management * Engine Diagnostics, Troubles and Tune-up * Engine Service * Body and Chassis * Automobile Suspension System * Automobile Wheels and Tyres * Clutches * Transmission * Drive Line, Differential and Road Wheel Drives * Front Axle and Steering System * Braking System * Vehicle Lighting System * Auxiliary Equipments and Safety Control Systems * Performance Parameters * Performance Test Techniques * Automobile Air-Conditioning * Electrical Vehicles and Alternate Fuelled Vehicles * Appendices * Index

Automobile Technology

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