• An Introduction to Modern Iron Making
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Publication Year 1974
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-021-5
ISBN-10 81-7409-021-5
Language English
Edition Fourth
Number of Pages 431
Preface The manuscript of steelmaking book was sent to some renowned international technical book publishers in 1975. One of them forwarded it to some expert in an internationally renowned institution in India for comments and its worthiness for being published. Whoever was that, he recommended some changes in layout of that book. Having taught the subject for good length of time I had my own design of teaching that subject and the book was written exactly in that fashion.
Table of Contents * Iron Making Historical * Modern Blast Furnace Plant and Process * Raw Materials for Iron Making * Main Blast Furnace Fuel Coke * Distribution of Burden in Blast Furnace * Burden Preparation-I : Treatment of Iron Ores * Burden Preparation-II : Agglomeration-Sintering * Burden Preparation-III : Agglomération-Pelletisation * Characterisation of BF Charge Materials * Physical-Thermal-Chemical Processes in Blast Furnace * Construction of Blast Furnace and its Accessories * Blast Furnace Products-I : Blast Furnace Gas-Cleaning and Utilization * Blast Furnace Operation * Irregularities in Blast furnace Operation and their Remedies * Blast Furnace Products-II : Slag and Metals * Impact of Burden Preparation and Distribution on Blast Furnace Performance * Modern Blast Furnace Design and Practice * Blast Furnace Operational Control * Alternatives to Blast Furnace-I - Low Shaft and Charcoal Furnaces * Alternative Routes of Iron Production-II - Electro-Thermal Processes * Alternative Routes of Iron Production-III - Sponge Iron Production * Alternative to Blast Furnace-IV - Smelting Reduction Processes * Iron Making in India * Appendices *Bibliography *Index

An Introduction to Modern Iron Making

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