• Applied Physics (As Per SBTE, Jharkhand Syllabus for First Year Diploma in Mining Engineering)
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SERIES Viram Series
Publication Year 2017
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-17-9
ISBN-10 93-87394-17-9
Language English
Edition First
Number of Pages 320
Preface It gives us great pleasure in presenting the new edition in Diploma for Mining Engineering Students of SBTE, Jharkhand for their first year course. The book Applied Physics is written in simple and lucid language. The subject matter of the book is arranged and presented such a way that the entire syllabus has been covered in articles form in same sequence. The book is divided into Twenty Chapters. A large number of solved examples, problems, multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. This should be of a great help to understanding the relevant concepts and in developing problem solving skills. Various topics have been explained in such a simple way that students can understand easily. Salient Features *Sequence of the topics has been covered as per SBTE, Jharkhand Syllabus * Topics have been covered into articles * Written in simple and lucid language * Given "Do you know" to clear the concepts in the chapter * Lab experiments given along with this book. All the experiments are discussed in detail. Calculations are included with each experiment to train the students for practicals. Inspite of our best support, it is possible that some errors might have crept in. We shall acknowledge with gratitude, if any such error is brought in our notice. Also, any suggestions and comments from students and teachers for improvement of the book are welcome. We hope the book will found useful by the readers.
Table of Contents *Revision *Physical Measurements *Electrostatics *Electric Potential *Capacitance *Principle of Electrical Circuits *Heating Effect of Electric Current * Thermoelectricity *Electromagnetism *Surface Tension *Viscosity *Gas Laws and Specific Heats *Conduction and Expansions *Propagation of Light *Photometry *SHM and Wave Motion *Sound *Photoelectricity *Non-destructive Testing

Applied Physics (As Per SBTE, Jharkhand Syllabus for First Year Diploma in Mining Engineering)

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