• E_Book MPPSC Assistant Engineer (Civil) Examination Paper I & II

E_Book MPPSC Assistant Engineer (Civil) Examination Paper I & II

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Publication Year 2017
Language English and Hindi
Edition First
Pages 1091
Preface This book has been designed as per the latest syllabus prescribed for MPPSC Assistant Engineer (CIVIL) Services and other States Assistant Engineer examinations. The book comprised into two parts (Prelims and Mains Examinations) along with Interview Preparation and Model Test Papers. This book will serve the purpose for the students who are preparing for Assistant Engineering Services Examinations. The main objective of this book is to guide the students about the technique of questions asked in the examinations. Important questions of previous examinations have been included in each chapter. The latest updates have been included in general studies section. One separate chapter has been provided on Madhya Pradesh along with Multiple Choice Questions. Objective and Subjective questions arranged separately in Prelims and Mains section. Salient Features *Based on MPPSC Pattern of Examination. *Important question have been included. *Separate chapter on Madhya Pradesh for GS. *Civil Engineering—Objective Type Questions. *Civil Engineering –Descriptive Type Questions. *Common Civil Engineering questions solved and unsolved provided in Interview section. *Model Test Papers solved of each section given at the end of the book. Every attempt has been made to make this book student friendly. Any suggestions made by the students to improve the usefulness of the book are welcomed.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents PRELIMS EXAM PAPER 1- GENERAL APTITUDE SECTION A: GENERAL STUDIES * An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh 1. History-India and World 2. Indian Geography 3. Indian Constitution and Polity 4. Indian Economy 5. General Science 6. Current Affairs SECTION B: SAMANYA HINDI 1. Bhasha eivam vyakaran 2. Sabd aur vakya sambandhi ashudhiya 3. Upsarg tatha pratyya 4. Sandhi 5. Samas 6. Tadbhav tatha tatsam shabd 7. Vilom ya viprittark shabd 8. Paryavachi tatha anekarthi shabd 9. Vakkyansh ke liye ek shabd 10. Muhavare tatha lokoktiyan 11. Hindi ki pramukh rachnayein eivam rachnakar 12. Apathit gadyansh SECTION C: GENERAL ENGLISH 1. Grammar : Parts of Speech 2. Usage of Words 3. Direct and Indirect Speech 4. Sentence Completion 5. Cloze Test 6. Vocabulary 7. Idioms and Phrases 8. Fill in the Blanks 9. Comprehension Passage 10. Translation of Sentence (Active and Passive Voice) PAPER II-CIVIL ENGINEERING CIVIL ENGINEERING: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Structural Analysis 2. Structural Design 3. R.C. Design 4. Construction Planning and Management 5. Environmental Engineering 6. Water Resources Engineering 7. Transportation Engineering MAINS EXAM PAPER- I: CIVIL ENGINEERING (DESCRIPTIVE) 1. Structural Analysis 2. Structural Design 3. Construction Planning and Management 4. Environmental Engineering PAPER – II CIVIL ENGINEERING (DESCRIPTIVE) 1. Water Resources Engineering 2. Transportation Engineering 3. Geo-technical Engineering INTERVIEW PREPARATION MOCK TESTS 1. Model Test Paper-1 General Hindi (Prelims) Paper-1 2. Model Test Paper-2 General English (Prelims) Paper-1 3. Model Test Paper-3 General Studies (Prelims) Paper-1 4. Model Test Paper-4 Civil Engineering Paper-1 (Prelims) Paper-2 5. Model Test Paper-5 (Solved) Civil Engineering (Mains) Paper-1 6. Model Test Paper-6 (Solved) Civil Engineering (Mains) Paper-2