• E_Book Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning

E_Book Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning

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Publication Year 1999
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-220-5
ASIN 81-7409-220-X
Language English
Edition 9th
Pages 860
Preface This subject is growing and its important as the vehicle population increases, and the attendant problems become alarming. Considering the relevance of the subject to our times is being offered to the undergraduate and post-graduate students in the discipline of Highway Engineering and Traffic Engineering, Professional Highway Engineers and Traffic Transportation Engineers and Town Planners in India. In fact, Traffic engineering has a multi-disciplinary coverage, and includes engineers, planners, statisticians, the police, administrators and so on. The book through its 51 Chapters covers following topics.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Traffic engineering administration and functions * The road user and the vehicle * Speed, journey time and delay surveys * Vehicle volume counts, classification and occupancy * Origin-Destination survey * Parking surveys * Use of photographic techniques in traffic survey * Statistical methods for traffic engineering * Speed studies * Traffic forecasting * Geometric design *Parking * Traffic signs * Road markings * Traffic signals * miscellaneous traffic control aids and street furniture * Regulation of traffic * Road accidents-Caused and prevention * Street lighting * Transportation system management * Highway capacity * Scope, definitions and basis diagram of traffic flow * Lighthill and Withams theory * Car following theory * The queuing theory and its application to traffic engineering problems * Vehicle arrivals, headways and gaps * Delay to traffic at uncontrolled intersections * Simulation of traffic * Transport planning process * Transportation survey * Trip generation * Trip distribution * Traffic assignment * Modal split * Evaluation * Land-use transport models * Transport planning for small and medium sized cities * Economic evaluation of transportation plans * Vehicle operating costs * Value of travel time savings * Accidents costs * Traffic congestion, traffic restraints and road pricing * Nature of traffic problems in cities * Public transport in cities * Intermediate public transport in Indian cities * Traffic and the environment *Fuel crisis and transportation * Transport modes, technology and selection * Application of information technology in transportation * Public-Private partnership in transport projects * Logistics in transport * Index