• E_Book Manufacturing Processes and Technology

E_Book Manufacturing Processes and Technology

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Publication Year 2003
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-258-8
ASIN 81-7409-258-7
Language English
Edition 5th
Pages 1207
Preface Para1 The present edition is thoroughly revised and enlarged in the sense that many new topics are included making this book almost complete for the undergraduate students mainly. Some existing chapters such as on Casting has been recast. Some additional figures have been placed replacing old ones and more explanations provided making it easily palatable for the readers. In the chapter of Lather machine Turret lathe, Capstan Lathe, Automatic Lathe, Screw cutting Lathe etc. are included. A chapter on Thread manufacturing which has types of threads, thread nomenclature, various thread manufacturing technology, including thread rolling method. Gear cutting, Gear finishing, gear defects, gear nomenclatures, as aslo added.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Metal Cutting * Tool Wear and Tool Life * Tool Materials * Cutting Fluids * Ultrasonic Machining(U.S.M.) * Abrasive Jet Machining * Electrical Discharge Machining * Electro-chemical Machining * Industrial Corrosion * Explosive Forming * Laser Cutting and Welding * Casting * Pattern * Machine Moulding * Melting of Metal for Casting * Hot Working of Metals * Cold Working * Welding, Soldering and Brazing * Limits, Fits and Tolerances * Lathes * Automatic and Semi-Automatic Lathes * Milling * Gear Manufacturing * Drilling Machines * Boring Machine * Reaming * Surface Finishing Processes (Lapping, Honing, Superfinishing) *Numerical Control * Management Information System * Powder Metallurgy * Heat Treatment of Steel * Grinding Processes * Jigs and Fixtures * Surface Metrology * Slotting Machine * Planning Machine ( Or Planner ) * Broaching * Smithy and Forging * Joints and Fasteners and Threads * Appendix I *Appendix II *Glossary of Data-Processing Terms