• E_Book Electrical Safety, Fire Safety Engineering and Safety Management

E_Book Electrical Safety, Fire Safety Engineering and Safety Management

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1997
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-306-6
ASIN 81-7409-306-0
Language English
Edition 2nd
Pages 587
Preface Para1 This up-to-date and topical book covers Safety Management, Electrical Safety and Fire Safety aspects for students and professionals. This book is meant for Final Year Post-Diploma Courses on Safety and for a single semester course at third year B.E. level. This book is also intended as a course material for HRD course for Power Engineers, Electrical Inspectors and Supervisors, Safety and Loss Prevention/Productivity Personnel. The book will be of immense interest to Site Managers, Engineering Supervisors and Technicians. The book may be of interest to Safety Managers and O and M Engineers. The book will be an asset to departmental and personal libraries at every construction site and plant site. The book aims at total safety and zero accidents in electrical plants, industrial plants, industrial plants and consumer premises.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction to Electrical Safety and Safety Management * Electrical shocks and their Prevention * First Aid * Equipment Earthing and system Neutral Earthing * Safety Clearances and Creepage Distances in Electrical Plant and Equipment * Safety during Project Construction * Safety Documentation and Work Permit System * Safety during Installation of Plant and Equipment * Safety during Testing and Commissioning * Safety During Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Plant and Equipment * Live line Maintenance of Transmission Lines and Substation Yards * Fault Investigations, Expert System and Control Room Facilities for Safety Assurance * Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in Power stations, Substations and other sites * Portable fire Extinguishers * Fire Detection, Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems * Insurance Policies for Project Construction, Operation and Maintenance * Review of Indian Electricity Rules and Electricity Acts and their Significance * Security of Electrical Plants * Electrical Safety in Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Installations * Safety Management of Electrical Plants * Electrical Safety in Hazardous Areas * Annexures.