• E_Book GATE Civil Engineering Chapter-wise Previous Years Solved Papers

E_Book GATE Civil Engineering Chapter-wise Previous Years Solved Papers

  • Author R. Agor
  • ISBN: 978-93-87394-79-7
  • ₹ 299.00

Book Detail
Publication Year 2019
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-79-7
ASIN 9387394794
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 303
Preface The Author feels great happiness to present the treatise GATE CIVIL ENGINEERING to the aspiring candidates for the GATE Civil Engineering Examination. the syllabus of the examination is generally kept as that of (Civil Engineering ) of Indian universities. for solving the questions of GATE Examination in-Depth thought Knowledge of the topic is required The GATE Examination are generally conducted by Indian IITs by rotation. The focus on the GATE Papers Mainly Depends upon the expertise of the IIT which is requested to set the question paper for the examination. The GATE Examination has Gained importance since it is very important for seeking admissions in M.Tech of Specified subjects. Some departments require clearance of GATE Examination for the appointment in their department. The author has solved the important GATE civil engineering question in very simple language explaining each step of the solutions of questions from the year 1990 to 2019 respectively chapter wise. in addition, the author has solved important mathematics questions of the GATE civil Examination for the guidance of the candidates at the end GATE civil engineering Questions. The author sincerely hopes that treatise on GATE Civil Engineering Examination will be found very useful for the candidates appearing for the first time. Every effort has been made to avoid mistakes/omissions however, few errors might have occurred due to oversight. the author shall be grateful for bringing the errors/ omissions to his knowledge for updating the next edition. The author thanks M/s Khanna Publishers for extending all the necessary helps and early publication of the book.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Strength of materials*Structural analysis*reinforced cement concrete*steel structures design* Geotechnical Engineering* Transportational engineering*Surveying*Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines*Hydrology*Environmental Engineering* Irrigation*General Aptitude*Engineering Mathematics*Important questions (With changed pattern) GATE-2019 Solved Paper