• Concepts of Engineering Physics

Concepts of Engineering Physics

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Publication Year 2024
ISBN-13 9789392549472
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 223
Preface Physics is a mandatory subject for all engineering students. This book, intended as a text book and it caters to the complete syllabus for both Physics-I and Physics-II in the first year Engineering Physics of AICTE and other universities. The aim of writing this book has been to present the material in a concise and very simple way so that students can grasp the fundamentals. It is earnestly hoped that this book will be found useful by students and teachers both. The author will appreciate any suggestions from teachers and students for the improvement of the book. Problems of appropriate standard are also worked out to help the students to get insight into the subject matter. This book makes no claim to any originality. I have merely attempted to collect the pertinent material and present it in a form suitable and useful to students and teachers. I am indebted to the authors of the numerous books that I have referred to, I have tried to make the book error-free but some mistakes might have kept in spite of my best effort. I would be grateful it these are brought to my notice for subsequent correction. I extend my appreciation of Mr. Abhishek Shrivastava for his help in drawing some difficult diagrams. I am extremely thankful to my wife, Rani for the patience she showed while I was busy completing this effort.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Contents : • Theory of Relativity • Geometrical Optics • Physical Optics • Thermal Physics • Accoustics • Dynamics of Fluids •Vector Analysis •Electromagnetism •Thermoelectricity •Modern Physics •Solid State Physics