• E_Book Control System Theory

E_Book Control System Theory

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Publication Year 2003
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-28-5
ASIN 93-87394-28-X
Language English
Edition 4th
Pages 1052
Preface The deveplopment of the subject of automatic control systems theory in this book, has been preceded by some elementary discussions of systems and, in particular, linear systems. It is felt that system theory is a basic pre-requisite for, not only students specializing in control system but also other systems in general. Indeed, this should be a general compulsoryc ourse for the students in virtually author has drawn examples from a diverse field to illustrate the concepts of system. As this is a first course we have intentionally avoided looking at the system from the more mathematical point of view of mapping of functions, etc.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * Systems * Excitation and Response of Simple Systems * Examples on Linear Systems * Input-Output Relationship of Control Systems * Discrete Data System * Time Domain Analysis * State Variable Approach * Stability Theory * Frequency Response Technique * Root Locus Method * Non-Linear Control System * Compensation and Realization of Compensators * Systems Simulation * Control System Components