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Publication Year 1993
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-043-0
ASIN 81-7409-043-6
Language English
Edition 3rd
Pages 1421
Preface This book presents basic principles, theory and background of EHV-AC, HVDC Transmission and Distribution with the help of up-to-date terms, definitions, tables, description of modern equipment and practical aspects alongwith large number of typical solved examples which has been spread over 58 chapters and covered under six major sections.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *General background *HVDC power flow *Steady state Ud/Id Characteristic *Converter connections, rectifier and inverter waveforms *Equations of voltage and current on AC and DC side *Fundamental of harmonics and network harmonic impedance *Harmonic filters *Reactive power compensation in HVDC substations *Earth electrode and earth return *Configuration and layout of HVDC terminal *HVDC circuit-breaker and metallic return transfer breaker and parallel tap circuit breaker *Multi-terminal HVDC systems *Protective zones and protective systems in HVDC substations *HVDC system control *AC network frequency control and stabilisation by HVDC damping control and power modulation *Insulation coordination and surge arrester protection in HVDC and EHV AC substations*Overvoltages and surge arrester protection in HVDC substations *Insulation requirement of EHV-AC and HVDC equipment and transmission lines *Waveform distortion and telephone influence factors *Converter transformers *DC smoothing reactors *Mercury arc valves *Thyristors, quadric-valves, triggering and cooling system *Dielectric tests, type tests and routine tests *Testing of thyristor Valves *DCCT and DCVT in HVDC substations *EHV AC and HVDC system studies, models, HVDC simulator, digital computer and TNA *Computer aided engineering(CAE) in power systems *Engineering aspects of EHV-AC transmission and transmission planning *Overhead line conductors and fittings (EHV-AC and HVDC) *Line insulators and substation insulator *Tower design based on switching surge with stand *Mechanical Design of Towers (EHV-AC and HVDC) * Sag Tension Calculations (EHV-AC and HVDC) * Tower Design based on Switching Surge Withstand * Tower and Line Design based on Lighting Strokes *Electrostatic field at ground level and biological effects (EHV-AC and HVDC) *Corona and corona losses (EHV-AC and HVDC) * Radio Interference, TV Interference and Audible Noise (EHV-AC & HVDC) Radio Interference *Active & Reactive power flow, voltage stability * Surge Impedance Loading, Reactive Power Compensation and Flexible AC Transmission (FACT) * Voltage Control in AC Networks, SVS, SSR * Underground Power Cables, and SF-6 Gas Insulated Cable and HVDC Cables and HVDC Cables *Procedures in AC Transmission system calculations * Representation and Modelling of AC Transmission Lines *Calculations of R.L. C constants, reactive power, charging currents and surge impedance load *Performance calculations of short and medium AC lines *Very long AC lines. Voltage and current equations. Standing waves * Power Equations and Circle Diagrams for AC Lines * Power Line Carrier Communication *Distribution system * Circuit Configuration of Distribution Systems *Protection of distribution systems * Distribution Automation & Control, Network SCADA *Load management *Rural electrification *Distribution system calculations * Apendixs * Recent Tends and Advanced Towards 21st Century and India's power Map * Voltage Stability Voltage Collapse * Capacitor Commutated HVDC Converters