• A Fundamentals of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

A Fundamentals of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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Publication Year 2024
ISBN-13 9789392549762
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 387
Preface This book is presented with an objective to meet the requirement of the students of Indian universities securing graduate program especially in "Hybrid and Electric Mobility". A hybrid electrical vehicle is a type of hybrid vehicle that combines a conventional l.C. engine system with an electric propulsion system. This book contain total twenty one chapters divided into seven units. The first unit starts with "Introduction to hybrid and electric vehicle" which contain four chapters which introduce learner to history of e-mobility, basic terminology, classification of EV and environmental aspect of this technology. In the second unit "Vehicle architecture" cover two chapters which focused on architectural aspect to help learner to understand different layout of HEV and EV and its classification based on it. In the next three units, third, fourth and fifth units deals with explanation of working and control of important component of EV. In sixth unit contain three chapters and discuss energy management system of EV. Energy management is very important aspect in electric vehicle as it carried entire power source within itself. In the last seventh
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Unit I: Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle • Historical Background and Evolution • Vehicle Dynamics • Classification of EVs: Technologies, Advantages and Limitations • Economic and Environmental Considerations of Electric Vehicles Unit 11: Vehicle Architecture • Introduction to Vehicle Architecture • Architecture of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Unit III: Electric Propulsion System • Introduction to Electric Propulsion System • Electric Machine for EV Drives: Classification, Structure and Working etc. Design and Control Methodologies for Electric Machines Unit IV: Energy Storage Systems • Introduction to Energy Storage systems: Batteries, Super Capacitor and Flywheel • Selection of Battery for EV and HEV Unit V: Power Electronics • Basic of Power Electronics and Devices • Electric Vehicle Controller • Power Electronic Converters Design for EVs Unit VI: Energy Management Systems • Classification, Performance and Evolutation of Various Energy Management Strategies • Battery Thermal Management Systems • Design of Hybrid EVs • Design of Pure Electric Vehicle Unit VII: Automotive Standards, Charging and Safety • Automotive Standards • Charging Technologies for EV Safety and Maintenance of HEV and EV • Future Technology in EV