• Engineering Chemistry (Chemical Technology)

Engineering Chemistry (Chemical Technology)

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Publication Year 1992
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-262-5
ASIN 81-7409-262-5
Language English
Edition 8th
Pages 1344
Preface The present edition has been thoroughly revised to make the book more useful and comprehensive. Chapters have been rearranged and solved examples have been added, where ever felt necessary, for easy understanding of the subject matter. A number of chapter such as Nomenclature of Organic Compounds , Stereochemistry , States of Matter , Phase Rule Lubrication and Lubricants etc. have been rewritten. Chapters on Petroleum and Petrochemicals and Instrumental Methods of Analysis have been added in this edition. Further, most of the chapters have been reinforced with additional materials wherever considered necessary. Suggestions for the improvement of the book will be gratefully acknowledged. Author is thankful to the publisher for taking keen interest in bringing out this edition in time.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents SECTION- I (GENERAL CHEMISTRY) * Basic Concepts of Chemistry * Acids and Bases * Photochemistry * Basic Concepts of Environmental Chemistry * Industrial Chemicals SECTION- II (ORGANIC CHEMISTRY) * Nomenclature of Organic Compounds * Organic Reaction Mechanism * Stereochemistry SECTION-III (PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY) * States of Matter (Gaseous State , Liquid State) * Solid State * Chemical Equilibrium * Ionic Equilibria * Catalysis * Phase Rule * Electrochemistry * Chemical Kinetics * Colloids SECTION-IV (INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND METALLURGY) * Chemical Bonding *Industrial Gases * Coordination Compounds * Ferrous Metallurgy * Non-Ferrous Metallurgy * Metallic Alloys * Ceramic Materials: Refractories, Abrasives and Glass * Corrosion and its Prevention SECTION-V (APPLIED CHEMISTRY) * Lubrication and Lubricants * Paints, Varnishes and Lacquers * Polymers and Polymerisation * Plastics * Rubber * Adhesives * Cements * Fuels * Water Treatment, Analysis and Sewage Disposal * Industrial Waste-Water and Its Treatment * Fertilisers * Pesticides * Dielectrics or Electrical Insulating Materials * Explosives and Propellants * Petroleum and Petrochemicals * Instrumental Methods of Analysis * Biotechnology * Appendices *Index