• Geotech Engineering Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (In S.I. Units)

Geotech Engineering Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (In S.I. Units)

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1987
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-275-5
ASIN 81-7409-275-7
Language English
Edition 12th
Pages 1410
Preface This book provides detailed description of the various properties and analysis of the behaviours of different types of Soils and Soil deposits, over which are rested the foundations of the different types of structures, like buildings, bridges, roads, machines, etc. The design of the different types of foundations to be adopted to suit particular soil deposits and the proposed structure, without causing excess differential or total settlement or any other failure of the underneath soil, to ensure the safety of the structure, has been explained in this volume in a simple language. The design of stable shapes for earthen embankments has been also exhaustively covered. The soil reinforcements and geotextiles, being used in modern days along with principles on foundation machines, have also been described in details with practical examples. The expansive and collapsible soils have also been described, giving details of special precautions required to be taken in providing structures on such soil deposits. The text matter is further supported by more than 400 Objective Questions, including those from the Engineering Services, Civil Services (IAS), AMIE, and GATE Exams., giving hints for solving difficult questions. The numerical questions of the past more than 7 years from these Competitive Examinations have also been solved, making the book highly useful for the Degree level engineering courses as well as for the Competitive Examinations.<br /><br />
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * Soils, their Origin, Formation and Types * Classification and Identification of Soils * Basic Characteristics and Properties of Soils * Geostatic Stresses in Soils and Principle of Effective Stress * Capillary Phenomena in Soils * Soil Permeability and Seepage through Soils * Compaction of Soils * Compression and Consolidation Settlement * Stresses caused by External Load in Soils * Shear Strength of Soils * Lateral Earth Pressure Exerted by Soils * Design of Earth Retaining Structures * Stability Analysis of Side Slopes of Earthen Embankments * Load Bearing Capacity of Soils Under Shallow and Deep Footings * Load Carrying Capacity of Pile Foundations * Well Caisson Foundations * Machine Foundations * Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements * Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilisation Techniques * Reinforcing Soils and Use of Geotextiles and Ground Anchors * Expansive &amp; Collapsible Soils * Site Investigation &amp; Sub Soil Exploration * Chapterwise Multi Choice Objective Questions * Laboratory Experiments in Soil Mechanics