• Essence of Indian Traditions

Essence of Indian Traditions

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What's special / Useful in this book This book is about the Essence of Indian Traditional Knowledge, which has stood the test of time. Based on the archaeological findings, it has been established that Indus valley civilisation was the first civilisation of the world. Gradually, people developed many rituals and ways of working, some of which can still be found today. Worshiping, rituals, celebrations of festivals, paintings, constructions, agriculture, singing, playing music, fighting wars, governing people, practice of justice, punishments, jails, sports, transportations, clothing, ornaments, touring etc. are some of the human activities which are ancient but still an inevitable part of today's human life. This book consists of eight chapters and in order to acclimatize the reader.
Publication Year 2021
ISBN-13 978-81-947528-7-5
ASIN 81-947528-7-5
Language Simple English
Edition 2nd
Pages 194
Preface The subject of Essence of Indian Traditions is about the explorations of India since ancient times. The emerging trend to know more about ourselves to advance further in various fields such as science and technology has driven to compose this book. This book shall be useful for numerous degree and diploma courses in technology. Such courses are now also have been mandated by AICTE for syllabus in B.Tech courses. The syllabus of this course has been extensively covered in this text book. In addition to this, the book is also useful for people who are interested in acquiring knowledge about Indian traditions, its origins and its development through the course of time. Traditional knowledge is extremely important in understanding the basis of the development, which remains a continuous eternal process. Our ancestors assert many conceptions pertaining to our daily chores like eating, sleeping, waking up, working etc. in very simple ways and after research, they have been proved as the right ways according to science. Based on those propositions, various ways of living are devised. On being asked about the way of living, most people admit to have learnt that from their parents, but tracing its originality in deep rooted culture is extremely difficult.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Ancient India*Traditional Knowledge*Legacy of Science and Technology*Indian Scriptures*Yoga*Society State and Polity in India *Indian Religion, Philosophy and Practice *Indian Literature

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