• Applied mechanics (as Per AICTE Curriculum for Diploma)

Applied mechanics (as Per AICTE Curriculum for Diploma)

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Book Detail
Authored By I.B Prasad
Publication Year 2021
ISBN-13 9788195028764
Edition 1st
Pages 252
Preface This textbook "Applied Mechanics" presents the subject matter in full conformity with the syllabi prescribed by the AICTE. This book is written in simple and lucid manner with topics covering range which is helpful for diploma applicants. Whole text is strictly arranged according to Diploma Engineering pattern. This book provides an insight and proper grip over the topics as one learns it. The subject matter has been explained in the Simplest Possible way for easy assimilation by the student. This book has been reinforced by a large number of solved examples. All topics have been explained with practical examples wherever necessary. The Subject matter of the book will reveal all numerical values of various physical properties have been given.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 2. Laws of forces 3. Moment 4. Friction 5. Centre of Gravity 6. Moment of inertia Simple machines