• Electronics and Communication Simplified
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Publication Year 1995
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-217-X
ISBN-10 81-7409-217-X
Language English
Edition Tenth
Number of Pages 1396
Preface The book gives a comprehensive coverage of each and every important topic that interest both undergraduate and graduate level students as well as working professional. The fact that the book covers the entire topics of Electronics and Communication Engineering in one volume in the form of more than 1250 short but probing questions and answers, 600 solved problems and numerous self-evaluation excercises it makes it and ideal reference book for Electronics people at all levels including students, professional, hobbyists and Electronics enthusiasts. A large number of solved problems and a comprehensive glossary or important terms, definitions, concept and technologies are the other highlights of the book.
Table of Contents * Resistors * Capacitors * Coils and Transformers * Hardware Electronic Components * Circuit Analysis * Diodes and Transistors * Field Effect Transistors (FETs) * UJTs and Thyristors * Opto-electronic Devices * Amplifiers * Oscillators * Linear Power Supplies * Switched Mode Power Supplies * Wave-shaping Circuits * Operational Amplifiers * IC Timers * Phase Locked Loops * Linear IC Voltage Regulators * Number Systems and Codes * Binary Arithmetic * Logic Gates and Families * Boolean Algebra and Minimization Techniques * Combinational Logic Circuits * Flip Flops * Counters and Registers * D/A and A/D Converters * Computers and Information Technology * Frequency and Frequency Standards * Communication Techniques * Communication Systems * Antennas and Propagation Modes * Transmission Lines and Waveguides * Microwave Components and Devices * Radar Fundamentals * Navigational Aids * Television Fundamentals * Principles and Applications of Satellites * Feedback and Control Systems * Electrical Measurement Basics * Electronic Instruments * Transducers * Additional Solved Problems

Electronics and Communication Simplified

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