• Non Conventional Energy Sources
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Publication Year 1988
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-073-8
ISBN-10 81-7409-073-8
Language English
Edition 5th
Number of Pages 912
Preface "This book covers several useful aspects regarding various sources of energy which is emerging as a high <br />priority to national needs. The book is written in 17 chapters. It deals with the different non-conventional energy systems, the book has been divided into 7 units, i.e. : <br /><br />1.Solar Energy <br />2.Wind Energy <br />3.Energy from biomass and biogas <br />4.Geothermal energy <br />5.Energy from oceans i.e. tidal energy, ocean thermal electric conversion (OTEC) and wave energy. <br />6.Chemical energy sources <br />7.MHD (Magneto hydrodynamics). Thermo nuclear fusion and small scale power generation sources such as thermoelectric and thermionic converters. "
Table of Contents English * Introduction to Energy Sources * Solar Radiation and its Measurements * Solar Energy Collectors * Solar Energy Storage * Applications of Solar Energy * Wind Energy * Energy from Biomass * Geothermal Energy * Energy from Oceans * Chemical Energy Sources * Hydrogen Energy * Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generation * Thermo Electric Power * Thermionic Generation * Thermo Numerical Fusion Energy * Energy Storage and Distribution * Energy Conservation.

Non Conventional Energy Sources

  • Author G.D. Rai
  • ISBN: 978-81-7409-073-8
  • ₹ 349.00


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