• Principles and Practices of Highway Engineering (Including Expressways and Airport Engineering)
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Publication Year 2013
ISBN-13 978-81-933284-3-9
ISBN-10 81-933284-3-9
Language English
Edition Seventh Edition
Number of Pages 828
Preface This book gives detailed description of Highways, Principles, Practice through and theory and design. The book is broadly divided into following sections to cover wide spectrum of topics in single volume. Highway Planning and Administration, Geometric Design of Highways, Highway Project Preparation, Soil Engineering for Highways, Drainage, Pavement Design and Construction, Highway Maintenance, Surface Characteristics, Special Roads, Highway Safety, Economics, Machinery and Plant, Construction Management, Highways and the Environment, Air Transportation.
Table of Contents * Transportation in Modern Society * History of Growth of Highways * Highway Administration and Finance * Long-Term Highway and Transport Planning * Road User and the Vehicle * Geometric Design * Surveys and Investigations * Design, Drawings, Estimates and Project Report * Tenders, Contracts and Specifications * Elements of Soil Engineering * Embankment Design and Construction * Highway Drainage * Culverts, Causeways and Bridges * Types of Pavements * Some Fundamentals of Pavement Desing * Design of Flexible Pavements * Soil Stabilization * Granular Sub-Bases, Bases and Surface Courses * Stone Aggregates * Bituminous Materials * Brick, Stone and Cement Concrete Block Pavement * Design of Rigid Pavements * Construction of Concrete Roads * Semi-Rigid Course and Roller Compacted Concrete * Overlay Design and Construction * Shoulders * Pavement Evaluation * Road Inventorying * Highway Maintenance * Skid Resistance * Pavement Roughness * Expressways * Toll Roads * Urban Roads * Hill Roads * Low Volume Roads * Desert Roads * Roads in Swampy and Water-Logged Areas and in Black Cotton Soils * Road Accident and Highway Design * Road Signs * Road Markings * Traffic Signals * Highway Safety Appurtenances * Economics of Pavement Types * Economics Evaluation of Highways Projects * Financial Analysis of Highway Projects * Road Pricing * Road Making Machinery * Road Construction Programming and Management * Quality Assurance in Highway Engineering * Highway and the Environment * Airport Engineering * Current Trends in Highway Engineering in India (2002) and Prospects for the Future

Principles and Practices of Highway Engineering (Including Expressways and Airport Engineering)

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