• Higher Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics

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Publication Year 1965
ISBN-13 978-81-933284-9-1
ASIN 81-933284-9-3
Language English
Edition 44th
Pages 1238
Preface The book in its new format has run through 43rd edition along with its twelve heavy reprints in just two years. An appreciably heavy demand of the book has encouraged the authors to retain the same format and features which have made it so popular. Even then the text has been carefully revised making some additions and alterations.The numbers of solved examples have been increased and problems from the latest university question papers have been incorporated. The objective type of questions have also been updated and given at the end of each chapter. It is hoped that the book in its revised form will enjoy the ever increasing popularity. The authors thank the numerous readers for their letters of appreciation and the follow professors for their suggestions and patronage of the book. In particular, they are grateful to Dr. B.B Singh, Vidyavihar, Ionere (Raigarh); Dr. V.Vasudeva Murthy, S.R.K.R Engg. College, Bhimavaram (A.P), Prof. P. Veeraiah, Sri Venkateswara College of Engg., Sriperumbudur (T.N.); Dr. Jeavargi Phakirappa, R.Y.M Engg. College, Bellary (Ka.); Dr. T.Subedi, National Inst. of Technology, Shillong; Dr. S. Mayilaganan, S.R.M. Univ., Kuttankulathur (T.N); Dr. Garima Aggarwal, Manipal Univ., Jaipur; Dr. Barun Kumar Yadav, HOD, Dept. of Mathematics in Chouksey Engineering College, Bilaspur (C.G); Dr. Arvind Kumar Sinha, National Inst. of Technology, Raipur; Dr. Rashmi Bhardwaj, G.G.S Inderprastha Univ. , Delhi; Dr. T. Yogalakshmi, Vellore Inst. of Technology, Vellore; Dr. C.N.B Rao, S.R.K.R Engg. College Bhimavaram (A.P); Dr. V.Dhanapalan, Govt. College of Technology, Pudur (T.N.) and Prof. Shivani Mehra, Chandigarh Univ., Mohali, Suggestions for improvement of the text and intimation of misprints will be thankfully acknowledged.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents UNIT I: ALGEBRA, VECTORS AND GEOMETRY * Solution of Equations * Linear Algebra: Determinants, Matrices * Vector Algebra & Solid Geometry UNIT II: CALCULUS * Differential Calculus and Its Applications * Partial Differentiation and Its Applications * Integral Calculus and Its Applications * Multiple Integrals and Beta, Gamma functions * Vector Calculus and Its Applications UNIT III: SERIES * Infinite Series * Fourier series UNIT IV: DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS * Differential Equations of First Order * Applications of Differential Equations of First Order * Linear Differential Equations * Applications of Linear Differential Equations * Differential Equations of Other Types * Series Solution of Differential Equations and Special Functions * Partial Differential Equations * Applications of Partial Differential Equations UNIT V: COMPLEX ANALYSIS * Complex Numbers and Functions * Calculus of Complex Functions UNIT VI : TRANSFORMS * Laplace Transforms * Fourier Transforms * Z-Transforms UNIT VII : NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES * Empirical Laws and Curve-fitting * Statistical Methods * Probability and Distributions * Sampling & Inference * Numerical Solution of Equations * Finite Difference and Interpolation * Numerical Differentiation and Integration * Difference Equations * Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations * Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations UNIT VIII: SPECIAL TOPICS* Linear Programming * Calculus of Variations

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