• Wireless Communication From 1G. 2G. 3G TO 4G With 500+ Short Questions-Answers and 700+ Multiple-Choice Questions
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Publication Year 2014
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-296-0
ISBN-10 81-7409-296-0
Language English
Edition First
Number of Pages 1124
Preface This book has been drafted as a complete text book which aims at providing to students and teachers a complete up-to-date knowledge and understading the key aspects of the subject. To facilitate a productive teaching and learning process, the book contains a whole package of solved expamples (where ever applicable), short question-and-answers and multiple-choice questions for each and every chapter. The author hopes that this book will be able to meet the need of a complete and thorough book in wireless engineering.
Table of Contents *Introduction to wireless communication *Four generations of cellular technologies, standards & systems *Digital signal transmission and speech coding *Digital carrier systems *Error control coding for digital systems *Direct-sequence spread spectrum communication *Basic principles of cellular telephony *Sim card and smart card *Cellular concept and mobile channel *Wireless propagation *Introduction to fading and diversity techniques *Multiple access techniques *Equalisation in wireless systems *Mobility management *AMPS, ETACS and D-AMP *Global system for mobile communications(GSM) & high speed circuit switched data(HSCSD) *Code division multiple access(CDMA) *Orthogonal Frequency(OFDM) *MIMO system, SDMA and space-times codes *W-CDMA, MC-CDMA and CDMA450 *General packet radio service (GPRS), enhanced data rate for GSM evolution and cellular digital packet data (CDPD) *CDMA2000 and EVDO *PSTN and digital telephony *Wireless networks *Wi-Fi and WiMAX *Personal communications services (PCS), cordless telephony and mobile satellite systems *Wireless application protocol (WAP) *Wireless internet *Mobile TV *Short range devices *Bluetooth, unlicensed mobile access, wibree, zigbee and near field communication *Personal digital assistant (PDA), smartphone and iPhone *Femtocell *3G technologies : UMTS, IMT – 2000 and HSPA *Ultra wide band (UWD), Ultra mobile broadband (UMD) & wireless regional area network (WRAN) *4G wireless technologies

Wireless Communication From 1G. 2G. 3G TO 4G With 500+ Short Questions-Answers and 700+ Multiple-Choice Questions

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