• E_Book Applied Stress Analysis

E_Book Applied Stress Analysis

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Publication Year 1978
ISBN-13 9788174090768
ASIN 8174090762
Language English
Edition 4th
Pages 521
Preface Para1 The word 'analysis' means separation into components. The difference between applied and pure analysis is based purely on the motivation of the researcher who attempts to solve it keeping in mind its application in technology, or merely to satisfy his curiosity. For a given body geometry and boundary conditions, stress analysis means to determine at every point of the body, six unknowns (i.e. 3 normal stresses + 3 shear stresses), when the body is in a generalised state of stress. The body may be purely elastic or elastoplastic in nature. The fourth edition of this book is being presented after a careful review, removing as many of the errors as has come to light.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents PART I (ELASTIC ANALYSIS) *Stress Analysis *Strain Analysis *Stress-Strain Relationships *Formulation and Solution of Elasticity Problems. PART II (PLASTIC ANALYSIS) *Fundamental Relations in Plasticity *Solution of Plasticity Problems PART III (EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS) *Photoelastic Analysis *Experimental Strain Analysis