• Data Structures and Program Design using JAVA

Data Structures and Program Design using JAVA

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Publication Year 2020
ISBN-13 978-81-945380-8-0
ASIN 81-945380-8-4
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 353

Data structures are the building blocks of computer science. The objective of this text is to emphasize the fundamentals of data structures as an introductory subject. It is designed for beginners who would like to learn the basics of data structures and their implementation using the Java programming language. With this focus in mind, we present various fundamentals of the subject, well supported with real-world analogies to enable a quick understanding of the technical concepts and to help in identifying appropriate data structures to solve specific, practical problems. This book will serve the purpose of a text/reference book and will be of immense help especially to undergraduate or graduate students of various courses in information technology, engineering,computer applications, and information sciences.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction to Data Structures * Introduction to the Java Language * Arrays * Linked List * Queues * Searching and Sorting * Stacks * Trees * Multi-Way Search Trees * Hashing * Files * Graphs * Answers to Multiple Choice Questions

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