• Manual on Pavement Evaluation Techniques

Manual on Pavement Evaluation Techniques

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What's special / Useful in this book The manual presents various methods of pavement evaluation using modern equipment and techniques. Measurement of road roughness by bump integrator as well as laser profilometer, Measurement of pavement surface characteristics like Macro Texture, Skid Resistance and Polished Stone Value, axle load survey for the estimation of vehicle damage factor, methods to evaluate pavement surface distresses and details of latest survey techniques such as Falling Weight Deflectometer and Network Survey Vehicle have been explained. The manual is intended for field engineers, researchers and consultants.
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 978-93-92549083
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 94
Preface Pavement evaluation techniques which involve the use of state-of-art technologies and tools for functional and structural evaluation of pavements have become necessity today for health monitoring of road infrastructure and to take appropriate decisions for maintenance, planning and budgeting of road network based on scientific tools. The state-of-art infrastructure facilities available at CSIR-Central Road Research Institute motivates us to write this manual which concisely covers all the major equipment of pavement evaluation, so that the students and field practitioners understand the methodology and follow the correct procedure for functional and structural evaluation of pavement for various purposes.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1. Roughness Measurement 2. Measurement of Macro-Texture, Skid Resistance & Polished Stone Value 3. Pavement Surface Distress 4. Axle Load Surveys 5.Structural Evaluation of Pavements 6. Road Inventory and Pavement Condition Survey Using Network Survey Vehicle