• An Introduction to Robotics

An Introduction to Robotics

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Category Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering
Publication Year 2023
ISBN-13 978-9392-549-33-5
ASIN 9392549335
Edition 1st (First)
Pages 355
Preface This book on "An Introduction to Robotics" deals with the basic principles of the subject. All topics have been introduced in a simple manner. The book has been prepared to suit the requirements of students preparing for degree and diploma examinations in engineering. This book gives insight into the brief history and conceptual development of robotics, its components, and robot classification. It explains robot kinematics, its controlling system, differential motion, robot dynamics, homogeneous transformation, arm singularity effects, etc. in a comprehensive manner. This book focuses on the use of various robotic sensors and robotic cameras for a variety of automated applications that are required by IR 4.0. The use of embedded systems and robotic vision has been suitably introduced in the book. Actuators are critical components of a robot, which are briefly explained alongwith the robot's programming and transformation
Table of Contents
Table of Contents UNIT I Chapter 1 Brief History and Concept of Robotics Chapter 2 Robot: Components and Types Chapter 3 Robot Controller: Control System Chapter 4 Robot Kinematics Chapter 5 Safety and Social Issues UNIT II Chapter 6 Homogeneous Transformation Chapter 7 Wrist and Arm Singularity Chapter 8 Static Analysis Chapter 9 Dynamics Modelling UNIT III Chapter 10 Sensors Chapter 11 Introduction to Cameras, Calibration and Image Formation Chapter 12 Euclidean Transformation Chapter 13 Vision Application in Robotics UNIT IV Chapter 14 Robot Control Chapter 15 Non-Linear and Advance Control UNIT V Chapter 16 Robot Actuation System Chapter 17 Transmission System UNIT VI Chapter 18 Embedded System Chapter 19 Robot Programming Chapter 20 Robotics: Future Perspectives