• Electrical Wiring Estimating and Costing

Electrical Wiring Estimating and Costing

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Publication Year 1987
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-240-3
ASIN 81-7409-240-4
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 912
Preface Para1 This book has been written with the main object to provide the basic text knowledge of the applications of Electricity which are so common in our day-to-day life; but still uncommon. Special attempt has been made to represent every-thing diagrammatically. The book may prove quite useful for basic courses at the technical schools, industrial institutes and at college level. A knowledge of electrical fundamentals is assumed and the use of calculus is avoided.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Estimating, Costing and Electrical Symbols * Common Hand Tools their uses, Care and Maintenance * Wires, Cables, Wire Splicing and Termination * Type and Installation of Wiring Systems * General Electrical Accessories and Insulating Materials * Protection Devices and Electric Earthing and Shock * Illumination Schemes & Types of I.S.I. Electric Lamps * Substations * Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Energy & House Service Connections * Underground Cables and Installation * General Specifications * Measurement of Earth Resistance and Testing of Installations * Estimating and Conductor Size Calculations for Internal Wiring, H.T. & L.T. Overhead Lines and Under Ground Cables * Installation and Estimates for Service Lines * Internal Wiring Systems and Lamp Circuits * Estimating and Costing of Materials in Electrical Installation for Residential Buildings, Workshops and Halls * Estimates for L.T. Distributors and Street Light Feeders * Estimates for 11 K.V. Feeders and Substations * Extracts from Indian Electricity Amendment Rules * Indian Standard (I.S.) Fundamental Definitions * The Electrical Panel Boards-their Design & Drawings * Practical Design of Small Transformers * Bell Circuits and Indicators * Electric Fans and Air Conditioning.

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