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Item Name of Book Name of Author Category Price Availablity
9000+Q&A for Engineering Services Examination in Mechanical Engineering Er. Sajal Kumar Ghosh MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 0.00 Out of Stock
A Monograph on Electronics Design Principles N.C. Goyal and R.K. Khetan ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 260.00 In Stock
A Text Book Of Advanced Surveying R. Agor CIVIL ENGINEERING 325.00 In Stock
A Text book of Applied Mechanics Dynamics and Statics I.B. Prasad MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 345.00 In Stock
A Text Book of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials P.L. Kapur ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 225.00 In Stock
A Text Book of Electrical Machines G.C. Garg ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS 180.00 Out of Stock
A Text Book of Fluid Machines S.S. Ratan MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 125.00 Out of Stock
A Text Book of Metallurgical Analysis B.C. Agarwal and S.P. Jain METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING 315.00 In Stock
A Text Book of Surveying and Levelling R. Agor CIVIL ENGINEERING 395.00 In Stock
A text book on Automobile Engineering T.R. Banga and Nathu Singh MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 245.00 In Stock