About Us


Khanna Publishers was established in the year 1960, when the founder of this company Lt. Sh. Ramesh Chandra Khanna decided to provide the innate knowledge of the engineering field to the young duding and exuberant minds of the engineering students.

Since its inception this company has aimed to provide high quality of books. We constantly strive to update our books regularly with all care and intensity catering to the requirements of the users. We are adding new authors and their titles to our elite club of authors. We facilitate their books to be published; we create new titles and take their help in revising the old titles as well.

To the authors “We invite you to submit your manuscripts and proposal and assure you of the best of our services. We offer one of the best percentages of royalty in the industry, as we understand the reward of your hard work & a good book should be a valuable award.”

As the world around us evolves we, too, evolve and flourish along with it. We combine the latest updates with the knowledge of our authors and create the best state of art books available in the market at present. This way every major or minor development in the field of engineering is instilled in our books. Our books are prepared to serve all the syllabi each and every university throughout India.

We are one of the leading publishers who specialise in engineering and technical books. We have a full range of textbooks, competitive books and handbooks in seven different streams of engineering namely civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical etc. Today our success is the quality of authors associated with us.

As our motto reads “Investing in Learning”, we truly believe in the development of the young minds of the students and are a student centric organisation.

R C Khanna

Our humble beginnings start with RC Khanna. Finding himself, and his family in Delhi, after the partition, he began climbing the ladder by working with several acclaimed authors. Yet, unsatisfied with merely being a middleman, he wanted to carve a path for himself in the industry of publishing. With sheer will and acute business acumen, in 1960 he established Khanna Publishers with a smash hit publication already underway- Electrical Engineering by S L Uppal.

That big break was what kicked off a long career of bringing the absolute best in Engineering education and being a trailblazer in the field of Publishing.

It is his sheer willpower, his dedication to his work, and his absolute love for this company that continues to bless Khanna Publishers, even today.

Vineet khanna

A legacy continued and expanded, Vineet Khanna joined the team at Khanna Publishers in 1986 year, bringing in young energy and passion to the company. Having seen his father build an empire from scratch, and grow it to be a leading giant in the publishing industry, he wanted to only expand his legacy and Khanna Publishers’ name further. Adapting to the existing system, he brought in his own knowledge of business and the industry itself, tapping into the needs of market and creating a supple of Engineering publications that saw unprecedented popularity.

Ever the visionary, he brought not only a renewed energy to the team but his creativity and analytical thinking that further helped in the evolution of Khanna Publishers