• E_Book Automobile Mechanics

E_Book Automobile Mechanics

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Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 9788174092168
ASIN 8174092161
Language English
Edition 8th
Pages 1016
Preface Para1 This book as might be inferred from the title, deals with the mechanics of the automobile and its systems and subsystems in a simplified manner. The essential description of the costruction and principles of operation of the various components as a part of total vehicle system have been presented before treating the same mathematically. The book is designed to cover the requirements for a complete course for undergraduate engineering students studying automobile and also for the students pursuing diploma and degree in Automobile Engineering.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Introduction *Power unit *Reciprocating engine construction and performance *Fuels and combustion *SI engine fuel system *CI engine fuel system *Lubricating system *Cooling system *Charging, starting and ignition systems *Engine emission control and management *Body and chassis *Suspension system *Wheels and tyres * Clutches * Transmission *Drive Line, Differential and Road Wheel Drives * Front Axle and Steering System *Braking system * Chassis Electrical Systems, Safety Equipment and Vehicle Collision *Vehicle performance *Vehicle vibration *Automobile air-conditioning *Electrical vehicles