• Handbook of Electrical Engineering

Handbook of Electrical Engineering

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Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-058-4
ASIN 81-7409-058-4
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 1132
Preface It is a comprehensive reference book covering a wide range of topics in electrical engineering, of interest to all sections of people the engineers, the professionals, the students, and the hobbyists; for solving their day-to-day problems in the field. The book begins with general purpose mathematical and physical data in form of important formulae, expressions, tables etc. followed by fundamentals of electrical engineering. Subsequent chapters are independent and any chapter can be referred as per the need. Special emphasis has been laid on selection, installation, operation and maintenance of all types of electrical equipment. Detailed treatment has been given to items of everyday use such as fuses and other forms of protection, earthing-cables, motors, transformers, lighting etc., which find extensive application in Standard Specification and the 'Code of Practice' issued by I.S.I. have been extensively referred to. Computers, stepper motors and other electronic items have been included in view of their increasing use in everyday life. An effort has been made to include all information, as in generally needed by an electrical engineer. Theoretical discussion has been included only to the extent, as will help in better understanding of any field practice. Examples have been included to illustrate the use of the data given in the book.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Fundamentals * Cables * Internal Wiring * Insulating Materials * Storage Batteries * Transformers * Generators and Motors * Transmission and Distribution * Contactors and Control Devices * Rectifiers and Converters * Protection and Switchgear* Power-Factor Improvement * Electric Welding and Heating * Automobile Electrical Equipment * Lighting * Industrial Drives * Refrigeration and Air-conditioning * Electric Traction * Power Plants * Electrochemistry and Electrometallurgy * Electronics * Radio Engineering (Television, Radar Telephony, Telegraphy) * Computers * Energy Conservation * Miscellaneous Information * Index

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