• Biology for Engineers

Biology for Engineers

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What's special / Useful in this book The book contains the fundamental biological Concepts required for the Engineering graduates as per the AICTE recommendation and many other universities where the biology curriculum is compulsory during the first year of their studies. Though it has been prepared as per AICTE recommendation, the book would be a good resource for those who want a sense of biology. The book encompasses the vast area of Biological science, and these topics have been prepared from the leading reference books of the respective topic.
Publication Year 2021
ISBN-13 9789392549014
ASIN 9392549014
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 135
Preface The book aims to provide a reader with comprehensive information on the basic biological concepts from the beginning of evolution to advanced topics. The chapters are presented in a systematic way where the readers are first introduced to the need for biology in present era. Then the following chapters discuss events that led to the origin of life, cell and their contents, biomolecules of cells, metabolic activities in cells, hereditary materials of cells, the microbial world around us and our body’s defense system for protecting from disease-causing microbes. Each chapter has been presented more immaculately with a simpler illustration that makes the reader understand the concepts. A Set of practice questions has been provided at the end of the chapter.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1. Origin of life and Evolution 2. Cell and molecular biology 3. Genetics 4. Biomolecules 5. Bioenergetics and Metabolism 6. Enzymology 7. Microbiology 8. Immunology: Mechanism of Body’s Defence

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