• Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

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About The Author's Abhinav Ojha is a Computer Science Engineer, Ethical Hacker and App Marketing expert. Abhinav is the founder and CEO of Enterstor Private Limited, an app development and marketing company. Abhinav has authored six books as of now and has received several national and international awards for his achievements. Some of his awards includes Young Entrepreneur Award' by Indian Achiever's forum, Young Achiever's award by Indian Achiever's forum, International Achiever's award for young author and others. Abhinav Ojha is a passionate individual who loves technology more than anything else. He loves to explore new technical domains and spread his knowledge online or offline to others either in form of his writing or speaking.
What's special / Useful in this book WHAT ARE CYBER CRIMES? 1. Hacking Attacks 2. Identity Theft Fraud 3. ATM Fraud 4. Credit Card Fraud 5. Selling of Private Videos as Porn Online 6. Data Selling Business 7. Cyberstalking 8. Sextortion 9. Loan Fraud and Cyberbullying 10. Cyberbullying on a Online Personal Loan 11. E-Commerce Fraud 12. Click Bait Pop up Cyber Crime 13. OTP Scam Cyber Crime 14. UPI Fraud 15. KYC Fraud 16. Online Job Fraud 17. Fake Government Website Cyber Crime 18. Mobile App Frauds 19. Duplicate Apps & Software's Fraud or Cracked version of the app or the software 20. KBC Lottery fraud
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Preface This textbook 'Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security ' is intended to introduce students to the present state of our knowledge ofethical hacking, cyber security and cyber crimes. My purpose as an author of this book is to make students understand ethical hacking and cyber security in the easiest way possible. I have written the book in such a way that any beginner who wants to learn ethical hacking can learn it quickly even without any base. The book will build your base and then clear all the concepts of ethical hacking and cyber security and then introduce you to the practicals. This book will help students to learn about ethical hacking and cyber security systematically. Ethical hacking and cyber security domain have an infinite future. Ethical hackers and cyber security experts are regarded as corporate superheroes. This book will clear your concepts of Ethical hacking, footprinting, different hacking attacks such as phishing attacks, SQL injection attacks, MITM attacks, DDOS attacks, wireless attack, password attacks etc along with practicals of launching those attacks, creating backdoors to maintain access, generating keyloggers and so on. The other half of the book will introduce you to cyber crimes happening recently. With India and the world being more dependent on digital technologies and transactions, there is a lot of room and scope for fraudsters to carry out different cyber crimes to loot people and for their financial gains . The later half of this book will explain every cyber crime in detail and also the prevention of those cyber crimes. The table of contents will give sufficient indication of the plan of the work and the content of the book.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1. Legality of Ethical Hacking 2. History of Hacking 3. Introduction to Ports and Protocols 4. What is Ethical Hacking? What are the Different Types of Hackers? 5. What is Penetration Testing? G. OSI Model and Layers 7. Phases of Ethical Hacking 8. Skills Required for Hacking 9. Ethical Hacking Terminologies 10. Special Tools for Hacking 11. Some Best Website to Learn Ethical Hacking Online 12. Cryptography 13. What is Footprinting? Different types of Footprinting? 14. Whois and Wayback Machine 15. Google Dorks 16. What is Scanning 17. What is Enumeration 18. Keyloggers Attack 19. Ransomware Attack 20. DDOS Attack - Distributed Denial of Service 21. MITM - Man in Middle Attack 22. PHISHING Attack 23. What are Social Engineering Attacks? 24. SQL Injection Attack 25. XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) Attack 26. Sniffing in Hacking 27. Password Hacking 28. Bait and Switch Attack 29. Clickjacking Attack and Fake W.A.p 30, Viruses and Worms 31. Trojans, Backdoors and Payloads 32. VPN 33. TORR Browser 34. Dark Web Links 35. How to get Started with Kali Linux 36. Hacking Tools for Different Hacking Attacks 37. Kali Linux Commands 38. Use of Nmap Tool 39. Use of RedHawk (All in One Scanning Tool) 40. DDOS Attack using GoldenEYE Tool 41. Phishing Attack using SeToolKit 42. SQL Injection Attack using SQLMAP 43. Password Hacking using John The Ripper 44. Create KeyLogger using BeeLogger Tool 45. How to Create a Payload using TheFatRat 46. What are Cyber Crimes?