• Environmental Pollution and Control in Chemical Process Industries

Environmental Pollution and Control in Chemical Process Industries

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Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-106-2
ASIN 81-7409-106-8
Language English
Edition 2nd
Pages 1273
Preface This book covers different types of pollution in chemical and allied industries, the extent and their nature, source of pollution, their adverse effects and their control and remedial measures. The text is supported by numerous examples, flowcharts and technical data which will enable the reader to grasp the information quickly and easily. The ecological equilibrium of the earth is endangered by the chemical process industries, fly-ash and other pollutants, posing grave pollution hazards. Recognising the need for a specialised book on this aspect, this text-cum-reference book has been written to serve as a comprehensive up-to-date source of information for undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering. The text is further supplemented by latest techniques and methods of treatment of wastes and other polluting agents. Besides this separate chapter focuses on emerging topics viz. hazards management, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and pollution control laws and acts. In the end, few case studies have been given to highlight the problem and effects of the various kinds of industrial pollution to society and environment at large.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Section-I General Consideration * Industrial Ecology & Environmental Chemistry * Industrial Pollution * Air Pollution * Water Pollution * Management of Solid Waste * Noise Pollution * Nuclear Pollution and Radioactive Wastes * Hazards Management * Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) * Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) * Environmental Audit * Instrumental Techniques in Environmental Analysis * Pollution Control Laws and Acts * Socio- Political Aspects of Industrial Pollution. Section-II Effluent Treatment and Disposal in Chemical Process Industries * Sugar Industry and Distillery * Pesticides * Fertilisers * Drugs and Pharmaceuticals * Refinery * Pulp and Paper Industry * Tanneries * Textile Industry * Rubber & Plastics * Dye and Dye Intermediates * Paints and Synthetic Resins * Food Processing and Allied Industries * Edible Oil Industry * Dairy Industry. Section-III Miscellaneous Industries * Cement Industry * Iron and Steel Industry * Non-ferrous Process Industry * Foundry * Mining * Thermal Pollution * Medical and Hospital Wastes * Case Studies * Glossary.