• Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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Publication Year 2015
ISBN-13 9788174092540
ASIN 8174092544
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 428
Preface The chemical engineering thermodynamics involves with transformation of chemical changes. The chemical engineers has to evaluate the energy requirement for initiating these transformation and also to determine the extent to which these transformation has taken place. The science of thermodynamics deals exactly with these problems. Therefore, a strong foundation in thermodynamics is necessary for the success of a chemical engineer in their professional life. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics is one the core courses at the undergraduate level of chemical engineering curriculum. In this course, more emphasis is given to the laws of thermodynamics, PVT behaviour, thermodynamics relations, properties of solution, phase equilibria and chemical reaction equilibria, all coming under the chemical engineering thermodynamics. The conventional textbook on chemical engineering thermodynamics are inadequate to meet these demand.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Basic concept and first law of thermodynamics *P-V-T behavior *Second law of thermodynamics *Thermodynamics properties of pure fluids *Properties of solution *Phase equilibria *VLE correlations *Chemical equilibria reaction *Answers to exercise problems *Appendix *References *Index

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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


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