• Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
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Publication Year 2004
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-062-2
ISBN-10 81-7409-062-2
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Edition Second
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Preface The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics are being taught to the students of physics and chemistry since long. In past thirty years not only teaching of thermodynamics has been extended to engineering disciplines, e.g., Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc., but efforts have also been made to prepare textbook materials on Thermodynamics specially tailored for individual discipline with obvious justification. Chemical Engineering is no exception and naturally efforts have been made to prepare materials on Thermodynamics specially for Chemical Engineering students. Such material is equally suitable for other programmes dealing with process industries e.g. Ceramic Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Petroleum Technology, Food Technology, High Polymer Technology, Oil Technology, etc. In such cases it becomes easier to include several examples from process industries to illustrate and explain the usefulness of thermodynamics. This book is expected to provide worked examples to the students of Chemical Engineering and Technology. It will be helpful to the students of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering as well. The book will be equally useful to practicing Chemical Engineers, Practicing Mechanical and Electrical Engineers working in Chemical and Allied Industries. It is expected to be of special assistance to those with chemistry background but working in Chemical Plants.
Table of Contents * Fundamental Concepts * First Law of Thermodynamics * Volumetric Properties of Fluids * Heat Effects * Second Law of Thermodynamics * Availability and Ir-reversibility * Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids * Thermodynamic Relations * Compressors and Nozzles and Joule Kelvin Effect * Power Cycles and Turbines * Refrigeration * Phase Equilibrium * Chemical Equilibrium * Appendices

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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