• Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial Engineering and Management

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Publication Year 2004
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-264-9
ASIN 81-7409-264-1
Language English
Edition 10th
Pages 1228
Preface This book will be useful for the students of Mechanical, Industrial and Production Engineering at undergraduate level. The book deals with both theoretical analytical part of the subject and is well supported with standard examples, solved problems based on practical data, graphical presentation, flow diagrams and charts. A large variety of objective type Questions and Answers and Numerical solved Problems on Linear Programing along with typical examples on PERT and CPM has been appended.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Productivity * Plant Layout * Materials Handling Principle and Equipment and Factory Building * Forecasting * Inventory Control ** Production Planning and Control * Inspection and Quality Control * Total Quality Control and Management * Linear Programming * Stepping Stone Method * Modified Distribution Method (MODI Method) * Vogels Approximation Method * Simulation and Monte-Carlo Technique * Work-Study ** Work Sampling ***Job Analysis, Merit Rating **** Wage and Incentive * PERT and CPM * Depreciation * Loading and Scheduling * Business Organisation and Management * Managing by Objectives * Cost Accounting * Book Keeping and Accountancy * Production, Productivity and Efficiency * Ergonomics (Work Environment & Human Factors) * Reliability * Selection between Alternatives * Cost Management and Break-Even Analysis * Queuing Theory * Group Technology * Maintenance Management * Kaizen * Behavioural Science * Value Engineering * Air Pollution and Control * Industrial Safety Management * Environment Management System * Waste Minimisation Management * Poka Yoke * Business Process Re-engineering * Industrial Psychology *Communication * Human Resource Management * Objective Questions and Answers *Appendix-Typical Examples on PERT and CPM