• Industrial Engineering & Management (Including Production Management)

Industrial Engineering & Management (Including Production Management)

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Publication Year 2008
ISBN-13 978-81-933284-6-0
ASIN 81-933284-6-9
Language English
Edition 12th
Pages 1263
Preface The field of Industrial Engineering is quite broad and all the high productivity techniques are well within its purview. All the activities of Industrial Engineering helps in improving the productivity. In the age of globalization and competition its importance have therefore been further increased. It creates the wealth of the nation and also helps in improving the standards of living of the people. The topic have been introduced under the names of Industrial Engineering , Industrial Management , Production Management , Operations Management , Production Management Systems ' or Production Planning and Control. Efforts have been made to cover the entire syllabi of students of engineering colleges and management institutions. The book is therefore stuitable for studetns appearing in MBA, PGDBM, M.Com, B.Com, BBA, BE, CA, ICWA, correspondence courses conducted by AIMA and IGNOU and other competitive examinations, I hope this book will meet the long-felt need of the students and professionals. Suggestions for further improvement of the book will be welcomed.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction *Development of Management Thoughts * Functions of Management * Form of Business Organisation * Organisational - Structure * Human Resource Management *Motivation, Morale and Behavioural Science * Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Wages and Incentives , Compensation * Participative Management and Group Decision Making * Industrial Relations, Trade Union and Collective Bargaining * Financial Management * Managerial Economics * Cost Accounting, Cost Control and Elements of Cost * Budget and Budgetary Control * Equipment Replacement Analysis * Break-Even Analysis * Purchasing *Stores Management * Materials Management * Inventory Management * Introduction to Materials Handling * Materials Handling Equipment * Plant Location, Plant Layout and Materials Flow * Work Study and Ergonomics *Productivity and Automation * Value Engineering * Operation Research * Linear Programming *Transportation Problems * Queuing or Waiting Line Theory * Other Quantitative Techniques * Network Techniques * Marketing Management * Sales Forecasting * Product Design and Development * Production Planning and Control * Routing, Scheduling, Despatching and Expediting * Maintenance Management * Management Information System * Projectology * Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship * Industrial Safety * Industrial Legislations * Inspection * Quality Assurance * Total Quality Management * Life-Testing and Reliability Engineering * Index