• Industrial Management and Organisational Behaviour

Industrial Management and Organisational Behaviour

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Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-095-9
ASIN 81-7409-095-9
Language English
Edition 7th
Pages 967
Preface The book "Industrial Management and Organisational Behaviour" deals with human aspects of management as well as various other aspects of scientific management. The significance and importance of scientific management is being increasingly felt because of the over-growing industrial and social activities. There are no two opinions about it that unless these activities are systematically and timely organised and rationally managed, the modern society is going to face complexiities and complications.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Evolution of Management *Management science thoughts of various management school *Management *Functions of management *Management development *Effective communication and managerial skills *Management control *Motivation *Organisational learning *Modern management system *Management and socio economic change *Stress management *Organisation *Evolution of industry *Business strategy and strategic thinking *Organisational planning *Productivity *Corporate culture *Human resources *Human resources **Human resources polymerisation **Human resources management *Human resources planning *Function of human resource management *Industrial psychology *Study of individual *Organisation and the individual *Dynamic of personality *Transactional analysis *Application of transaction analysis *Life positions *Learning process *Training *Self development *Human relations *Attitude *Self-esteem and assertiveness *Moral *Emotional determinates of personality *Group dynamics and group behaviour *Roles and roles ambiguity *Job evaluation and job satisfaction *Material management and material handling *Production planning control and function *Operational research *Linear programming *Waiting lines and waiting lines models *Simulation and applications *Replacement models *The theory of games *Maintenance models * Work study *Ergonomics *Inventory control *Chief executives *Social welfare *The Trade Union Act, 1926 *Industrial dispute Act, 1947