• A Text Book of Strength of Materials
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Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-069-X
ISBN-10 81-7409-069-X
Language English
Edition Twelfth
Number of Pages 1120
Preface During the past many years, the subject "Strength of Materials" has developed tremendously and is being offered to engineering students at various levels of their undergraduate studies, in almost all the universities of the world . A number of books have been written by various authors on this subject, but none of these books thoroughly and completely deals with the full treatment of this subject. Further,various authors have used varied nomenclature, which sometimes create confusion in the mind of the reader. In this book the author has followed internationally recognized symbols throughout the book. This edition also contains additional chapters on Stresses in Redundant Trusses, Arches, Influence Lines and Moment Distribution.
Table of Contents * Elements of Statics * Stresses in Trusses (Analytical Methods) * Graphical Methods * Stress, Strain, Elasticity * Bars of Composite Section Temperature Stresses * Poisson's Ratio, Thin Pressure Vessel * Strain Energy * Shearing Force and Bending Moment * Bending Stresses * Beams of Two Materials Eccentric Loading * Distribution of Shear Stress * Resilience Due to Bending * Torsion of Circular Shafts * The Deflection of Beams * Slope and Deflection from B.M. Diagram * Deflection by Strain Energy Method * Riveted and Welded Joints * Columns * Principal Stresses * Principal Strains * Dams and Retaining Walls * Thick Cylindrical Shells * Fixed Beams * Continuous Beams * Reinforced Concrete * Deflection of Trusses * Stresses in Redundant Trusses * Arches * Influence Lines (IL) * Moment Distribution.

A Text Book of Strength of Materials

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