• E_Book Civil Engineering Materials

E_Book Civil Engineering Materials

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1975
ISBN-13 9788174091635
ASIN 8174091637
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 659
Preface The book covers almost all the engineering materials used in construction of civil engineering works. All the important characteristics, properties, applications, tests, advantages/disadvantages and comparison with other materials are covered in the book. Attempts have been made to simplify the subject matter by the way of illustrations, important data, tables and illustrative examples. Over 450 objective type questions with answers are given for better understanding of the subject and for preparation for various competitive examinations. The book is very much useful for students of degree and diploma of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Consultants and Contractors.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * Stones * Bricks and Tiles * Cement * Lime * Aggregate * Water and Admixtures as construction material * Mortar * Concrete * Non Destructive Testing of Materials * Timber * Ferrous Metals * Aluminium and its Alloys * Non-ferrous Metal * Paints and Varnishes * Sound Insulating Materials (Glass) * Pozzolanic Materials * Decorative and Cladding Materials * Acoustic Materials * Bituminous Materials * Polymers and Plastic * Thermal Insulating Materials * Composite Building Materials * Rubber * Miscellaneous Materials * Quality Control of Building Materials * Concrete Mix Design