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E_Book Power Plant Technology

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Publication Year 1984
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-294-6
ASIN 81-7409-294-3
Language English
Edition 2nd
Pages 1296
Preface Para1 Adequate supply of electrical power is the essential requirement of any country to satisfy the basic human needs. The economy of country is directly linked with its capability to generate electrical power. The great increase in use of energy has come at the expense of fossil fuels which are limited. Today there is great need to conserve fossil fuels to attain sustainable development. The phenomenon of global warming and its effect on human life has created tremendous pressure on exploitation of renewable sources of energy.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Energy, electricity and environment *Basics of thermal engineering *Coal *Development of coal based plant *Site layout *Principles of thermal power plant *Principles of combustion *Fuel firing systems *Steam generators *Boiler furnance *Fuel preparation systems *Water and steam circuits *Economizer and airheater *Soot blowers *Piping and valves *Fans *Pollution control *Commissioning and testing of boilers *Clean coal technologies *Once through and super critical boilers *Fluidised bed boilers *Steam turbines *Regenerative feed heating system(Heaters, condensers, pumps) *Turbine commissioning and testing *Emergency cases in thermal power station *Instrumentation and controls *Performance guarantee tests *Project construction management *Coal handling system *Ash handling system *Water treatment plant *Circulating water system and cooling towers *Compressed air plant *Electrical equipments in power stations *Gas turbine power plant *Internal combustion engines *Maintenance engineering *Renovation and modernisation *Hydro power plants *Nuclear power plants *MHD power generation *Wind energy *Solar energy *Direct energy conversion *Energy from hydrogen *Biomass energy *Geotechnical Energy *Energy from ocean resources *Fuel cells *Energy management and energy security *Short question and answers *Appendices