• E_Book Plant Layout and Materials Handling

E_Book Plant Layout and Materials Handling

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Publication Year 1986
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-105-5
ASIN 81-7409-105-X
Language English
Edition 2nd
Pages 263
Preface Para1 This book gives through knowlege of the design and operational features of the equipments and the methods of its practical application. The book describes the principal types of materials handling equipment viz., Hoisting Machinery, Converying Equipment, Surface and Overhead Equipment and various Auxiliary Devices of Handlng System which in combination represent quite completely the modern means of complex mechanisation. Different types of materials handling equipments are explained by general scheme including their introduction, classification, description, operating principles, modern examples of particular types of equipment, specifications, applications, advantages, limitations, etc. Simplified line diagrams are also given for examination purpose.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Section I : PLANT LAYOUT * Introduction * Factors Influencing Plant Layout * Plant Layout-Techniques and Models Section II : MATERIAL HANDLING * Introduction * Selection of Materials Handling Equipment * Cost Criteria for Equipment Decisions * Automation of Materials Handling Section III : HOISTING EQUIPMENT * Hoisting Machinery * Cranes * Elevating Equipment Section IV : CONVEYING EQUIPMENT * Traction Type Conveyors * Tractionless Type Conveyors Section V: SURFACE TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT * Trackless Equipment * Narrow Gauge Equipment * Cross Handling Equipment Section VI : OVERHEAD TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT * Overhead Trolley Conveyors * Cableways * Aerial Tramways *References