• E_Book Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type Questions and Answers)

E_Book Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type Questions and Answers)

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Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-243-4
ASIN 81-7409-243-9
Language English
Edition 4th
Pages 174
Preface Para1 Test items presented in this book are not exhaustive, but are only representative samples of the questions that could be prepared in each topic. Principles of item writing could be prepared in each topic. Principles of item writing are also given in the book which would enable teachers and examiners to prepare further questions in their chosen field of specialization. These questions/items can be used for testing and evaluating the learning outcomes of the students during the classroom sessions and in periodical test as well as in the Final Examination. A checklist of criteria for prevalidation is also included with a view to help individual teachers, groups of examiners and board of examiners to prevalidate their questions and question papers in a rational way.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Mechanical Engineering Drawing * Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics •Ferrous Materials and Metallurgy * Non-ferrous Materials * Foundry Technology * Heat Treatment of Steels * Soldering * Brazing * Welding Technology * Hand Tools and Sawing Practice * Shapers * Turning and Lathe Work * Drilling, Reaming, Threading and Borings Practice * Milling Machines * Cutting Tools Materials * Grinding Practice * Lapping, Honing and Super Finishing * Gears * Jigs and Fixtures * Broaching * Machine Tool Technology •Numerically Controlled Machine Tools * Modern Machining Methods * Metal Forming * Workshop Measuring Instruments (Metrology) * Thermal Engineering * Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning * Automobile Engines * Automobile Electrical Equipment * Automotive Chassis * Supervisory Development * Work Study and Industrial Engineering * CAD, CAM and CIM * Manufacturing Systems.