• E_Book Modern Machining Methods &  Machining of Advanced Ceramics

E_Book Modern Machining Methods & Machining of Advanced Ceramics

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Publication Year 2008
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-307-3
ASIN 81-7409-307-9
Language English
Edition 3rd
Pages 319
Preface Para1 Modern Machining Methods which are discussed in this book belong to the category on Non-Traditional Machining methods. In the early stages of development, the investigations in the area of "Modern Machining Methods" were almost purely academic in nature. Today, the modern machining methods are no longer mere laboratory processes ; these processes have already entered many production lines. By modern machining methods, we mean : Spark erosion machining ,ultrasonic machining, chemical machining, electro-chemical machining, electro-chemical grinding, abrasive jet machining, plasma arc machining, electron beam machining and laser beam machining process. These modern machining techniques have their own role and importance, we should not make the mistakes of imagining that they are going to throw overboard the many conventional techniques used in the past and today, Modern machining methods are not replacements for conventional methods. Modern machining methods are only complementary to existing methods of machining. While the modern machining techniques will be required for many specific applications and purposes in the new sophisticated areas of technology such as nuclear, aero-space and electronics the conventional machining techniques will continue to have a significant role in the manufacturing processes.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Introduction *Spark erosion machining *Ultrasonic drilling(USD) *Abrasive jet machining and water jet machining *Chemical machining (Chemilling) (CHM) *Electro-chemical machining(ECM) *Electrochemical grinding(ECG) *Plasma arc machining(PAM) *Laser beam machining(LBM) *Electron beam machining(EBM) *Comparison of new methods of machining *Advanced ceramics *Need for machining of advanced ceramics *Different methods of machining of advanced ceramics *Technical Ceramics Its Applications *Review Question in Modern Machining Methods *Objective Type Questions *Index